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now at noon -- faculty and police hold an emergency meeting at a hercules school after a transgender student is attacked in a school bathroom. what they plan to do to keep all students safe. a car hit as bus stop, tree and street signs before slamming into a car dealership. the trail of destruction and the charges the driver now faces. and going to bat for bosco. the dog that helped police protect people now needs help
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himself. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. a campus already hit with claims of bullying and sexual harassment has been hit with violence once again. ktvu's tara moriarty is live in martinez with how hercules high school is responding to an attack of a transgender student in a boys' bathroom. >> reporter: parents and students say they were surprised by this attack recent one -- the second one in just the past few months. this morning, school flirls held an emergency -- officials held an emergency meeting. parents said they were shocked that a male transgender student was sexually assaulted in a bathroom yesterday during school. >> i'm very bothered by it. as parents, we did not receive a phone call. i actually heard from the students. >> reporter: another parent said her kids are worried about safety. >> they said not again, hercules, not our school. please, no. we don't want this. >> reporter: police say a 15- year-old freshman who identifies himself as a male
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was attacked by three boys ages 16 and 17 after using the boys' bathroom. >> i'm not so surprised if this happened at hercules high school. >> reporter: james rose says he is surprised this particular victim was targeted. >> he was really well liked. he was not bullied and really -- he didn't have any bad wrath with anyone. >> we're committed to finding out who did this and making sure they pay the price for this. >> reporter: this follows female student got into an attack after bullying. they need more tolerance among students, they say, psychologists are on site we know the victim had previously posted on social media that he took classes involved with the school newspaper and was involved with the gay/straight alliance. no word if he will return to school here.
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tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. two expensive cars are damaged along with a bus stop, a tree and street signs after a car goes barreling down a bay area street. sal castanedo is in el cerrito with a look at all of the damage and the charges the driver now faces. sal? >> reporter: tori, you can still see some of the damage here. there is a cleanup crew that's arrived to clean it up. there were skid marks on the sidewalk and police say it's lucky no one was seriously injured. it was aferred midnight when police say an out-of-control compact sedan barreled on the sidewalk, took out a sign, a tree and a bus bench before plowing into a car dealership here on san pablo avenue. >> this is a pretty -- a pretty large collision scene. this is probably one of the larger ones i've seen. but it is amazing that no one got hurt. >> reporter: two witnesses told police they narrowly escaped being hurt by the car which they said traveled at entire city -- an entear city block
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before stopping -- entire city block before stopping. police say the 25-year-old driver tried to run away but was captured by officers. there was one passenger in the vehicle. we saw her shaken up at the scene. police say she was not seriously hurt. today we spoke to someone at the car business who department want to go on camera. he said he was surprised to show up at work and see all of the damage. many told us offcamera that cars send to speed on this stretch. >> see people going 20, 30 over the speed limit all of the time. >> reporter: do you suppose that's what happened last night? >> absolutely, especially after hours, people push the speed limit. >> reporter: now, these gentlemen are looking at the pile. it's not oil. it's actually battery acid that got on some of the cars, that red car and the range rover there. it looks like the damage is more extensive than they first thought. there is a glass cleaner here, also gonna put up new windows. police say the driver, they haven't released his nail. i just got off the phone with
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el cerrito police. he's 25, from berkeley. he will be charged with dui and hit and run and also resisting arrest. live in el cerrito, sal castanedo, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, sal. and the chp is investigating what they believe is a hit-and-run accident in san jose. around 3:20 this morning, drivers on northbound interstate 280 reported a body on the saratoga avenue offramp. crews found a wol on the onramp. she had been hit by a car and was pronounced dead at the scene. investigators are trying to figure out if she jumped from the overcrossing and was hit or was hit while walking near the offramp. san rafael's chief police said the city is facing unprecedented amounts of violent crimes in a short period of time. on saurnlt, a gunman shot a 31- year-old man several times inside a mexican restaurant in the downtown area. witnesses say the gunman walked up to the victim and shot him, he then ran out the front door and fled.
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>> i can't remember really a time in our history where such a brazen act of violence occurred in a restaurant here in town or in a business here in town. detectives are working intensively on it. >> the gunman still has not been located. the victim is said to be in serious but stable condition. investigators say in the past year, there's been a rise in stabbings, attempted stabbings and assaults. san rafael's police chief says the department has reassigned and officer to the investigation unite and said if the violent crimes continue it will drain resources from the department's other programs. the new eastern span of the bay bridge has been opened for months now but the work is far from over. ktvu news obtained caltrans's punch list. it's 147 pages long. contains thousands of items that engineers say still have to be finished before they sign off on the project. it includes tightening bolts
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and removing university-- removing rust. a summary is expected to be presented to the oversight committee today. tomorrow, the report goes before the bay area toll road authority. the suspects in a hate crime case at san jose university are due back in court. the four are expected to be formally charged. prosecutors say the white students tormented a black roommate for weeks with several racist acts in the dorm room they shared on campus. the university has since suspended the four students and launched an investigation. students at martinez junior high school will gather tonight to remember a popular 8th grader. 14-year-old jenna betti was struck and killed by a freight train passing through martinez sunday evening. police say she had run onto the tracks to pick up her cell phone she dropped. many classmates are now wearing pink, jenna's favorite color. there is a candlelight vigil at 6:30 on the martinez junior
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high campus. could be another contentious oakland city council meeting tonight as a proposed surveillance surveillance center is discussed. dozens of people spoke out in opposition to the plan. council members decided to postpone a vote but will take up the domain awareness center again tonight. it would integrate cameras at the port of oakland with oakland traffic cameras and be monitored around the clock. supporters say the center would be a valuable crime-fighting tool but many have expressed privacy concerns. san francisco police are investigating what they are calling a murder-suicide at a nursing home. officers were sent to do a welfare check at central gardens on ellis and laguna streets after 8:00 last night. that's when two bodies were found. police have not told us how they died and at this point we don't know their names, ages or relationship. activists against ellis act
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evictions are protesting against what they say is the criminalization of black youth to remove families from properties. >> will not continue to be pushed aside and pushed out! >> protesters claim that african-american young people have been profiled and arrested and that families living in public housing are then forced to file restraining orders against them. they claim that five families had been removed from the plaza east housing complex because adult children banned from properties violate the restraining orders. >> we need people to understand, privatization is eradication. privatization is eradication. we have to fight this. >> protesters say this is just another way the developers have getting rid of african-american and low-income families to make room for tech employees. secretary of state john kerry is meeting with ukrainian leaders today to talk about a $1 billion aid package from the
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u.s. meanwhile, pro russian troops are standing guard over creme crimea -- over crimea. >> reporter: president obama wants russia to pull back its milt forces in and around ukraine. he also said it's time for the ukrainian people to decide their own future. >> which is why the world should be focused on helping them stabilize the situation economically and move forwards the fair and free elections that are currently scheduled to take place in may. >> it's proposed u.s. aid package includes assistance to help ukraine carry out the elections. meanwhile, john kerry met with ukraine's interim leaders today. the new government is grappling with a pro-russian troop takeover of crimea. this video is from earlier today. it shows pro russian troops firing a warning shot outside of a ukrainian air base. vladimir putin said if people in the eastern part of ukraine
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are threatened, he will use military force and he said he will not be deterred by economic sanctioneds. the u.s. needs to avoid conflict, this man said. >> russia is critical to other conflicts we're trying to resolve, including syria and iran. we have to be very careful in how we approach this. >> we expect to hear from more members today. many arrived about an hour ago. kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. president obama tries to deliver on his promise to address income inequality. we will get a break down of his newly introduced budget and how it could affect your taxes. there are gray skies around the bay area this noontime, but no rain. that may change tomorrow. rosemary is tracking what's heading our way. and she'll be here with the bay area forecast. and despite recent rain, it may be too little too late in alameda county. the proposed water restrictions
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$ president obama's $3.9 trillion budget proposal hits capitol hill today. the spending blueprint includes new tax credits and job training programs.
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as our reporter tells us, the proposal faces an uphill battle in congress. >> reporter: president obama rolls out his latest 2015 budget plan that will give a tax break for middle-income americans while raising taxes on the wealthy. the latest budget proposal reflects the promises the president made in his state of the union address where he focused on income and equality. >> as a country, we have to make a decision if we're gonna protect tax breaks for the wealthiest americans or if we'll make smart investments necessary to create jobs and grow our economy and expand opportunity for every mesh -- american. >> reporter: the budget will expand the budget which will help those who don't benefit from child care tax breaks. it will give 13 million americans a tax cut. >> he's saying the economy is on an upswing but says so many people are in poverty and republicans say this is the president's second time, not first time, so he shares some of the responsibility. >> reporter: but the budget
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plan is not likely to pass congress. republicans disagree with many of the president's policies and say putting more money into failed government programs will not fix america's poverty. >> this president likes his government supersized. this budget will never balance and i think the president just wants tax payers to pay more so that washington can spend more. house budget pair paul ryan criticized programs that have failed to address poverty in america. in 2012, the federal government spent nearly $800 million on anti-poverty programs. back to you. there's now a stepped-up police presence around the santa clara university campus after several people were held at gunpoint over the weekend. police tell ktvu officers are still looking for three armed men who robbed students near the campus. on saturday, three men robbed a student at gunpoint in the parking lot of the university's field.
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they ran off with the victim's wallet and cell phone. 13 minutes later, another robbery occurred a half-mile away at park avenue and mission street and in that incident three victims were approached by three gunmen. police say one of the students was ordered to get on the ground. he was hit in the face with a handgun and his belongings were taken. >> kind of scary. definitely not gonna walk around at night now. >> we walk home around that time every now and then and we've never been too scared before. it's definitely something that we'll take into consideration next time. >> university officials are encouraging students to travel in graup -- groups at night. the publy is being asked to -- push lick is being asked to -- public is being asked to give back to boscoe, a k-9 officer. he was diagnosed with bone cancer. doctors were forced to amputate his right leg and shoulder. a nonprofit group is helping to raise money for his medical
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bills. if you would like to donate to the go to bat for boscoe fund, you can find a link at the recent rain has helped prevent mandatory water cuts for marin county customers. if the reservoirs dropped to 40,000 acre feet by april 1st, customers would have had to cut back their water to 25% but rain has brought the levels up to more than 58,000 acre feet which is 74% of the capacity for this time of year. customers are still being asked to voluntarily cut back their water use. but big water cutbacks could still be coming for people in alameda county. that county's water district board is being asked to pass and ordinance that would put mandatory limits on customers. it would put restrictions on lawn watering to once or twice a week to homes and two to three times a week for parks, golf courses and businesses. it would put a want -- ban on refilling pools and a ban on
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hosing down sidewalks. >> about 40 percent of our water spry comes from the water projects which announced that agencies will get a 0% allocation. >> 40% of the district's water comes from ground water. the rest is from the state. a mostly cloudy, mainly dry forecast for your tours afternoon. for some of -- tuesday afternoon. for some of you, it -- for some of us, it will continue. let's take a look at stormtracker2, i will show you again, not any rain being picked up here. but the moist flow continues we've been with it for several days. if i back you up, you can see how the clouds continue to stream in back from the hawaiian islands across the pacific and into the bay area.
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that's we've -- what we've had for the last few days. even though we're in between storms, we remain very moist with the pattern here. i can give you an idea with the next storm coming our way, you can see it off the coastline, it will be making a trek toward the coast. as it does, we could see light rain over parts of northern california. i'm gonna show you when it will arrive in our neighborhood as we get through the noon hour we're mostly cloudy. today will be mainly dry. but in the overnight hours, that moisture will continue. we may see drizzle. maybe a few light sprinkles as we go going. we're mainly dry with the rain well to the north. here it is showing up on our screen as we get into the 4:00 hour, there it is right on the northern edge of sonoma county. it sort of hangs over the north bay for a few hours. it's 9:00 now, wednesday night. we're barely seeing it move into the central bay through the yit hours. it will pass through. by thursday morning we're waking up with a little bit of drizzle and the storm will be on its way out.
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so the next storm a lot like we had in the last 24 hours. 61 degrees right now in areas like santa rosa, 63 in oakland. 64 san jose. for the afternoon today, 66 in oakland. upper 60s for mountain view, upper 60s for antioch. 67 in napa. again with the moist air in place and the temperatures in the upper 60s it could feel humid for the afternoon today. the next system coming in tomorrow night, it will last through thursday morning. then we dry out most of thursday, friday and with your weekend in view, we're partly cloudy and sunny for friday, saturday. another chance of rain for sunday. >> that's twhean we change the -- when we change the clocks. making the world better one bottle cap at a time.
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stocks are just soaring. traders relieved that russia has ended its military exercises near ukraine. u.s. home prices rose in january after three months of decline. taking a live look at the dow, it is currently up 250. the nasdaq is up 78 and s&p up 29. ktvu is proud to sponsor a first-of-its-kind event coming to the bay area. 16,000 students will fill oracle arena later this month to hear celebrity speeches and performances. the eveaent is called -- event is called we day. the own way to go, you can't buy tickets, earn a seat by
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making a positive difference locally and globing. over the next month we'll be sharing stories of children and schools doing that. heather holmes takes us to fremont where students are on a mission to make an impact. >> the power of change is so real and so possible. >> reporter: inside a classroom at fremont's montyer to sorie -- montessori, an important life lesson of helping young woman. >> free the children from the idea that they are powerless to create change in the world that they are too young to make a difference. >> reporter: students here are already embarking on a juning to social change. take this 14-year-old. >> animals are still dying. >> reporter: because of marine pollution. take a look at this video from the monterey bay aqar yum --
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aquarium. this was found inside of one carcass. >> i found out that plastic caps are recycled 10% nationally while the bottle is recycled a 30%. >> reporter: he's out to boost the number. he helped with a local recycler to create a bottle cap program. >> we have a responsibility to our community. the wait you demonstrate that is to do work in the community. ♪ >> reporter: and making the world better, one bottle cap at a time. >> i think we can take what's wrong in the world and fix it. we just have to work for it. >> reporter: i will never look at a plastic cap the same again. students have volunteered to feed the hungry and are working to restore the sabercat creek. keep up the got work. heather holmes, ktvu channel 2 news. san rafael has become the
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100th city in california to ban plastic bags. it goes into effect september 15th. stores and businesses are expected to offer customers paper bags that can be recycled. there is a 10 cent charge for the bags or customers can bring in their own shopping bags. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. we're always here for you at or you can follow us on facebook or twitter. safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to find big savings on the things you need. just make a straight line to safeway. your club card gets you deals you can't find anywhere else.
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elizabeth stanton: hollywood, california, a city full of legends and amazing attractions. that's me, elizabeth, and today, i'm going to explore hollywood with my friends, jennifer veal and lucas cruikshank. we'll take the wb vip studio tour. i'm getting a call. hold on. -that's a really, really big phone. -hello! stanton: and make some amazing discoveries. john kurunis: come on inside, guys. -veal: (gasping) oh, my god! -welcome. stanton: then, we'll hang out with some classic movie stars. all: be good. and learn all about the art of making celebrity wax figures. veal: look! oh, look, isn't that so cute? isn't it? there's so much to see and you're coming with us. so, let's go. welcome to elizabeth stanton's great big world of hollywood legends. los angeles, california is definitely home to the stars.

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